Class of 2022

Congratulations 精东影业鈥檚 Class of 2022

Recent results from the IBO and College Board showed 精东影业 American students considerably outpacing their global counterparts in the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement exams. On this year鈥檚 IBDP exams, 98 percent of the school鈥檚 63 students passed the exam, with an average total score of 35.2. This mirrored last year鈥檚 results, while the global average 鈥 32 鈥 declined one point from a year ago. Twelve students scored a 40 or above and two students scored a 44. The maximum score on the test is 45. The average subject area score was 5.6 鈥 well above the global average 鈥 and more than half of 精东影业 students scored 6 or higher on a scale of 1 to 7.

In AP, 184 students took 358 exams 鈥 the largest number of AP exams written at 精东影业. 精东影业 offers 19 AP classes, ranging from psychology and macro-economics to biology and computer science. Exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 as the top mark. Seventy-five percent of students scored a 3 or higher, and 80 students scored the maximum 5.

More than a quarter of the school鈥檚 AP students achieved distinctions:

  • 28 AP Scholars (scoring a 3 or higher in three or more exams)
  • 15 AP Scholars with Honor (scoring an overall average of at least 3.25 and a 3 or higher on four exams)
  • 16 AP Scholars with Distinction (scoring an overall average of at least 3.5 and a 3 or higher on five exams)

Superintendent Dr. Mark Wenzel said the multiple pathways at 精东影业 allow students to flex their academic muscles based on varied interests and future plans.

鈥淚t鈥檚 exciting to see the long-term growth in both performance and participation in these programs, and I鈥檓 grateful to the teachers and coordinators for their excellent efforts,鈥 said Wenzel. 鈥淲e regularly hear from our graduates attending competitive universities around the world that their 精东影业 IB and AP courses prepared them well and put them on the road to success. We鈥檙e excited to hear similar accomplishments from the Class of 2022.鈥

To date, our Class of 2022 have applied to universities such as University of Southern California, University of California, Los Angeles, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Nottingham and University of Arts London, Emily Carr University of Arts, amongst others.

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Hear from Our Graduates

Being with 精东影业 the past two years has definitely shaped how I approach academic learning. 精东影业 has an encouraging and supporting nature, which has helped me stay disciplined and thus reach my goals.

I was involved with the Boys’ High School football team, the investment club, and the GK 精东影业 club. These clubs/activities helped me to remember that 精东影业 is more than just a place to learn — it is also a place to meet new people, learn about non-traditional school material and to help others that are less privileged.

What I will miss most about SAIS is definitely my friends! I will, in fact, also miss the international environment 精东影业 has, where diversity and cross-cultural friendships is appreciated.

Viktor Saaby

Curriculum Pathway: IB Plan: Gap year

My four years at 精东影业 had a great impact on many aspects of who I am today – being a student in an international school has expanded my understanding of different cultures and perspectives. I also learned how to be compassionate towards my peers and overall became a more open minded person.

The ability to choose my own pathway allowed me to experience different styles of learning and find the best fit for me. In grade 10 I chose to try the AP biology course which exposed me to the sciences and made me realise that I want to continue pursuing the field in the future. I eventually decided to complete the full IB diploma since it provides opportunities for higher education in a large number of countries.

The continued support I received from my teachers throughout the two years of the IB programme set me up for success and is what allowed me to achieve high results. They always were there to provide explanations and feed my natural curiosity, and even helped me with class material in their free time. My teachers also encouraged me to believe in myself and be more confident in my abilities.

My time at 精东影业 created many incredible opportunities for growth and learning that will open doors for me in the future.

Doron Haya Gal

Curriculum Pathway: IB Plan: National Service

I definitely feel like I 鈥済rew up鈥 in 精东影业. I first joined the school in 9th grade, and was lost on what to do with my future. I struggled initially with what I wanted to study in university, and I was able to take AP courses in different subject areas starting in 10th grade, letting me discover which subjects I was passionate about. I chose the AP program in 11th grade, with one IBDP class (chemistry). I chose the AP program because I liked how AP classes were only one year long, therefore allowing me to explore my interests throughout the last 2 years of high school, ultimately discovering subjects I didn鈥檛 think I would have enjoyed.

I chose UC Berkeley because of its excellent chemistry program and the opportunities which the school is able to provide to its students, such as research, internships, and professional experience. The college counselling team at 精东影业 was absolutely amazing, there every step of the way to guide me, support me through tough times, and help me make informed decisions that best aligned with my goals for the future.

My teachers were stellar, they were always willing to take the time to help me succeed, even if it was not during class time. An example that comes to mind would be my DP Chemistry class, where I approached my teacher before the final IB exams to ask for help on a topic, and he went above and beyond, teaching me content one-on-one during his lunchtime and making sure I understood it fully.

I also feel like the personal attention given to each student is one of the most unique characteristics of SAIS. Everyone has their own interests and goals, and the faculty and academic counselling team worked with each of us personally to create a pathway that fit our needs, giving all the students the strong foundation we need to enter our future confident that we will succeed.

精东影业 has not only prepared me academically, but socially as well. Academically, taking rigorous courses during my time in high school will definitely help me as I start my journey in university. Socially, being an international student has taught me to be adaptable and deal with changes as they come, which is a skill I feel is extremely important to be able to live in the world today.

Natasha Tjeng

Curriculum Pathway: AP Plan: Bachelor鈥檚 degree in chemical biology, University of California, Berkeley.

Arriving at 精东影业 as a senior from a different country and school system is challenging, however the support given to me by 精东影业 made this a smooth transition.

The option of multiple academic pathways gave me the opportunity to pursue my passions whilst exploring new subjects. The flexibility enabled me to transition smoothly late in my school studies from the Dutch school system that I had left behind. I followed AP courses as well as an IB course enabling me to focus on the sciences.

My teachers and over all experience at 精东影业 gave me new energy to think about my future. In particular, my college counselor, Mr Fuller, helped me finalise my choices for next year and supported me through the long application processes.

精东影业 has given me a renewed confidence that I can achieve many things in life. The broad international perspective has also encouraged me to continue studying abroad.

Olivia Girardot

Curriculum Pathway: AP Plan: Computer science and artificial intelligence, University of Manchester

Academically, 精东影业 has provided me with a strong foundation with all the right toolset of skills necessary for my future endeavours and studies. The option of multiple pathways was the main thing that drove me to SAIS. I started my 精东影业 journey in Grade 8 with no clear path of where I see my future after High School will be like. The versatility of academic distinctions at 精东影业 gave me that chance.

I would hope one day to work in humanitarian work such as Doctors Without Borders to travel the world, doing what I love. The international environment that 精东影业 had allowed me to immerse in has solidified the role that diversity and travelling will be in my life.

All of the reasoning that I have considered towards choosing my university is in part due to the wonderful team of teachers I have at 精东影业, the thinking process that they have ingrained in me from a younger age and finally the support they gave me in Grade 12, especially my college counsellor. The attention and dedication that teachers at 精东影业 give to students allow the perfect tailoring of the learning experience to the student.

Ha Dan Nguyen

Curriculum Pathway: IB Plan: Master's degree of Science in Cancer sciences, University of Nottingham

Academically I was not at my strongest, mainly due to one factor; lack of confidence. As I started studying at 精东影业, I was encouraged to be more of a risk-taker, both from my teachers and peers, in various ways.

This set me up for success throughout my high-school career as I was able to explore various ways of thinking and ultimately, build a base of knowledge which later served as my base for any school challenges in which I faced. Being more confident academically helped me to have more faith in myself and see my own self-worth. 精东影业 helped me grow one of the most important attributes humans can possess; self-confidence.

I was involved in the Varsity Football Team, the Investment Club, and a project named The Correct Pronunciation of Names. These activities helped me to develop my leadership skills, how I work with others, and how to involve everyone in the best way possible.

Philip Petersson Walden

Curriculum Pathway: IB Plan: Bachelors in Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)

The choice of academic pathways was one of the most interesting aspects of academics at 精东影业, as I felt as though I had full control over my own career post-high school. I chose the BTEC Pathway while blending AP and IB courses, as I found the BTEC Art and Design course’s vocational approach to design learning very suitable for my preferred methods of hands-on learning.

I chose Emily Carr University due to the positive experiences I had while attending a Industrial design intensive summer program that they held, and I’ve heard from friends and family that Vancouver is an amazing place to live in. I feel that I’m well prepared for this as most industrial design courses are very hands on and involve long studio hours, which I am accustomed to with BTEC.

I’ve grown tremendously as a person in the three years I spent at 精东影业. I met some lifelong friends and collected plenty of teaching moments and experiences. I’ve also managed to find and focus on my passion for design as a career prospect, and hence performed better academically as I went through the journey.

My teachers were crucial in shaping how I look at my future as I’ve been supported and facilitated the whole way in terms of my development in Design. Mr. Rutt and Mr. Dines facilitated me through my three years in the IB MYP and IBDP Design Courses, looking more closely into the theoretical content and documentation of specific industrial design work and CAD. Ms. Good and Mrs. Dutta, my BTEC Art and Design teachers, carried me through my Diploma years and played a central role in developing my work ethic in a design context, as well as the use of physical equipment and documentation.

Jaithra Mallipeddi

Curriculum Pathway: BTEC Plan: Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC, Canada, majoring in Industrial Design

精东影业 has expanded my horizons, I liked the diversity that 精东影业 offered in terms of the students as well as the things we learned about. A lot of my teachers weren’t just experts in their field, many of them had experience in diverse industries and they passed on a lot of that knowledge to us.

I was initially motivated by AP’s college-level subjects so I signed up for the IB/AP Blended program, which allowed me a flexible schedule and college credits for university. After trying it out for a week, I decided to switch to full IB for the challenge and ease of applying to universities outside the US. I’m thankful that 精东影业 gave me the freedom to explore my pathways before committing for 2 years.

I’m heading to University College London to study law. I choose UCL for its vibrant social life, academic quality and connection with the city. I was stuck between going to university in the US and UK, but 精东影业’s college counsellors kept me informed, helped me keep my options open and guided me through the process of applying to universities in multiple countries.

My teachers were warm, accessible and enthusiastic. They were always ready to help especially during finals for questions and concept reviews. I was always challenged and they encouraged me to aim high.

Reenie Kong

Curriculum Pathway: IB Plan: Law, University College London